Hey! I’m Hana

I’m Hana (She/Her) and I’m the Hana Marie in Hana Marie Photography.

I’m originally from a lovely little seaside town called Cleethorpes – I know, it’s actually the river Humber not the sea, but it still counts! I now live in Billingham in Teesside with my husband, Ste (super creative human behind Art Mouse and singer/guitarist in a band called Mouses) and our two year old daughter Aisling – she’s only a tiny human but she is absolutely amazing!

I absolutely LOVE vegan junk food – I’m probably the least healthy vegan ever!

I buy drinks based on how cool the can is – Karma Cola is 

I live for a real good coffee! Whenever I travel anywhere, the first thing I do is hunt out the best coffee shops!

Bluey is the best kids TV show ever! Sometimes I just watch it when my daughter is asleep now.

I make up songs about 
EVERYTHING. My house is a 24/7 musical for my daughter’s amusement!

LOVE colour. Every room in my house is a different colour and there’s art prints EVERYWHERE.

LOVE music.

I do 
TERRIBLE drawings over at Terrible By Hana – it started off as a lockdown joke but got slightly serious and now I sell things with my terrible drawings on!

I Wanna Be Your Best Ever Friend Forever


also… this is Aisy

Sound Like We’d Get Along?