Super Fun Engagement Shoot on Runswick Bay Beach

Runswick Bay is a gorgeous coastal village in North Yorkshire. I’d never been before but it was the absolute perfect choice for an engagement shoot.
This is one I was super looking forward to! I’d met Jamie before when his band Crumbs (check them out – they’re amazing!) played a festival I help organise called Mousetival and he brought Lisa along, so when I got the email about photographing their wedding I was super excited!
We met in the car park at the top of the bay and it was THE windiest day I have ever known. We went for a coffee to talk through wedding plans and get to know each other a little better before the shoot. When we were heading down to the bay I nearly stood on a snake – YUP I’d never seen a snake before in the wild – we’re all walking down and chatting and I heard this hiss, look down and there it was – this big brown snake looked like a giant worm with its tongue out at me – great near miss!!
When we got down to the bottom I understood why they’d chose this location – it was absolutely gorgeous. We took a walk up and down and had so much fun!!!
They’re both super silly and fun and it made for absolutely amazing photos! I can’t wait to photograph their special day.
Here’s some super silly, super fun and some cutie pictures from the shoot.